Northeast Wee Kirk Conferences


About the Northeast
Wee Kirk Conference

The Northeast Pennsylvania region covers the lower Northeast states including Pennsylvania, Upstate New York, West Virginia, and Maryland.  Established in 1991, the Northeast Pennsylvania Conference meets over three days in October.  Community and radical hospitality are hallmarks of this conference, as well as an outstanding bookstore.

We partner with Hearts and Minds Bookstore to provide access to the writings of many of our speakers.    Unfortunately, they will not have a full bookstore presence at our conference this year, but Byron will be available for Zoom conversations on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Why Join the conference

What is the Purpose?

Our purpose is to inspire, equip, motivate, and encourage small Churches and to provide rest and refreshment for the Clergy and Lay Leaders of those Churches.

Our 2022 conference is scheduled for the 10th, 11th and 12th of October.    For this year's brochure, listing all the seminars/workshops, their leaders, and the schedule,  click on the Conference Brochure  button.

Who are Speaking

Meet Our Plenary Speakers
and Worship Leaders

Asa Lee

Asa Lee

President of Pittsburgh
Theological Seminary and Professor of
Theological Formation
“Preaching and Leading for Renewed Hope”
Asa Lee

Charles Cotherman

“Hedges and Horizons: Embracing the Limits
and Opportunities of Small-place Ministry”
Asa Lee

Sue Washburn

Communion Preacher

“Do Not Lose Heart,” Luke 18:1-8
Asa Lee

Jenn Frayer-Griggs

Let’s Have a Talk-out: Building Bridges to the
Wandering Sheep of Nones and Dones”

Jane Bartholomew


Jon Stewart

Leesburg, PA Presbyterian Church






#1--"Developing Lived Theology of Time and Space for Us and Those We Pastor"

Charles Cotherman

#2--"Rest, Reflection, and Resilience:
Challenges and Opportunies
in Times of Change"

Sue Washburn

#3--"Spiritual Formation:
Soils and Stages"

Jenn Frayer-Griggs

#4--"Conversation on Resources and Readings"

Byron Borger
Available on ZOOM: Tuesday Morning, Wednesday Morning and Afternoon

#5--"Media and the Small Church:
Beyond Streaming, What's Next?"

Mark Perry

#6--"FOLLOWING FRED (Mr. Rogers):
Reclaming our Identity in
the Neighborhood"

Benjamin George

 #7--"How is God at Work in War? :
The Russia-Ukraine Conflict from a Christian Perspective"

John Burgess