“Facing Into the Tsunami” Resources

Jim Kitchens and Deborah Wright have provided a few resources from their recent workshop.  Here you can find the PowerPoint slide deck that was used at Wee Kirk (which includes the Animal Farm slides), as well as the Animal Farm slides in PDF format (in case anyone wants to print them out to use when showing the slide deck).

Note: To use the PDFs, please:

  • print out a full set for each table/small group
  • hand out one set and enough post-it notes for each person at the table to have six post-it notes
  • the leader shows one animal at a time, asks people to write their initial responses to the question posed with that animal onto one of the post-it notes
  • the table leader passes around the PDF sheet for that animal, and everyone sticks her/his post-it note on the PDF sheet
  • when all the slides have been shown, the table leader reads out what people have written on their post-it notes for each animal (you can read them to your table only, or to the whole group)
  • the table groups turn in all their sheets to the large group leader, so they can be recorded and set out to all participants.

Wee Kirk Power Point

Animal Farm pdfs

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